Eco Friendly

The good guys …

We are eco-friendly and forward-thinking.

Mokolodi Backpackers is dedicated to living in harmony with nature and totally committed to sustainable development. One of our top priorities is to minimise the effect of human presence and activity on the ecosystems.


  • recycle 80% of our water for garden use
  • use gas and solar energy to heat water
  • use timers to save energy on electrical appliances
  • use biodegradable detergents
  • use vinegar as fabric softener
  • have feathered friends to keep the grounds pest and bug free
  • make our own compost
  • supply only glycerine soap to guests

We are one-of-a-kind special.

Mokolodi Backpackers insists on only the best … our best for our guests. Staff and management are dedicated to pamper and spoil you … at a price you can afford.

We stay on our toes with:

  • a staff education and upliftment program
  • an employee profit sharing scheme
  • free coffee, tea and milk in your kitchen
  • well-maintained kitchens with cutlery and crockery for Africa
  • sparkling clean and hygienic shower and toilet facilities
  • free Wi-Fi
  • double-ply toilet paper
  • supersoft tumble-dried towels
  • an emergency supply of 5 000 litres of water
  • a generator for electricity during power cuts

The Core Principles of Mokolodi Backpackers:

  • Safety first. No harm or danger to guests, staff, animals and the environment from any source within our control.
  • Cleanliness and order. No debris, dirt, clutter, pests and diseases.
  • Effective and efficient. Everything works, every time. Nothing broken or missing. We maintain, develop and improve constantly.

Mokolodi Backpackers … it just works!